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Who Is Eligible?
All students, faculty and staff at the University of Puget Sound are eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports Program. 

Members of UPS Intercollegiate Varsity teams are not eligible to compete in the same (or related) sport activity throughout the entire academic year. Students whose names have been dropped from an Intercollegiate roster may only become eligible for IM participation upon approval of the IM Director.

Any student, faculty or staff member who has participated professionally in a sport shall not be permitted to participate in that or other related sport activity.

Signing Up
All sign-ups are on a first come - first served basis and must be submitted in person by the team's Manager to the IM Assistant or Director. Registrations left with persons in the PE/Athletic office will not be accepted. Managers must be prepared with student ID and forfeit deposits at the time of registration.

Teams/Individuals registering in multiple leagues may register in the next lower division only. ie: "A" teams may also register in "B" leagues but not "C", "B" teams may register in "C" leagues but not "D", etc.

Team Managers
Managers are required to disseminate information provided by the IM dept. to their team members. A manager may represent only one team under all circumstances. There may only be one team per manager and one manager per team. Managers may not manage teams in separate leagues.

Forfeit Deposit
A $25.00 forfeit deposit must accompany all registrations. The IM office is not able to process checks over $25.00. Therefore payment for multiple entries must be made in $25.00 increments (multiple checks).

Team Rosters
Each registering team's Manager must submit a team roster during the specified registration period. Additions or corrections must be made in person at the IM office prior to the team's third league contest or first tournament competition. Non-registered players may not participate. So doing will result in a forfeit of any contest in which the ineligible player participated.

What If I Don't Have a Team?
Individuals without a team may be placed on one by registering with the draft board located in the IM office. Special event sign-up may be made at the site of the event or the IM office, according to publicity. Each team is requested to hold two roster spots in which to accomodate draftees. Draftees will be placed on a team within the first week of competition and should confirm their placement with the IM office.