Harry Werbisky Award for Scholarship, Skill & Determination

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After just one year at UPS (1939-40), Harry Werbisky was destined to become one of the University's greatest athletes, but died suddenly from an infection early in his sophomore year. During his brief career, he served as basketball team captain and was an All-Northwest Conference selection, leading the Loggers to their first Northwest Conference Championship in school history. This award was dedicated in his memory shortly after his death.


Harry Werbisky Award Recipients

1940-41 Robert Maycumber Football & Track
1952-53 Wally Erwin Football  
1954-55 John Marvin Basketball
1958-59 Mike Cranston Football  
1960-61 Jack Higgins  Track & Field
1961-62 Vid Dekshenienk Football  
1962-63 Larry Green Football & Basketball
1963-64 Ralph Bauman Football  
1964-65 John Jewell Swimming
1966-67 Dough Hanna Swimming
1969-70 Corky Diseth Football  
1970-71 Bob Hunt  Football  
1972-73 Bill Hecker Football  
1975-76  Gordon Elliott  Football
1977-78 Pat O'Loughlin Football
1978-79 Vic Swanson Swimming
1979-80 Todd Burton Basketball
1980-81 Todd Burton Basketball
1981-82 Buster Crook Football
1982-83 Brian Threlkeld Football
1983-84 Eric Bowton Football
1984-85 Jim Cairns Track/CC
1985-86 Matt Smith CC/Tennis
  David Haynes Swimming
1986-87 Steve Buratto Football
1987-88 Mike Fassler Swimming
1988-89 Matt Grant CC/Tennis
1989-90 Andrew Cukurs Swimming
1990-91 Mike Follett Baseball
1991-92 Tim Herron Track
1992-93 Charlie Perry Football
1993-94 Todd Doolittle Basketball
1994-95 Chris Allen Football
1995-96 Rob Hoag Football
1996-97 Rob Bradbury Basketball/T&F
1997-98 John Weaver Football
  Kurt Jensen Football
1998-99 Si France Football
1999-00 Nathan Guy Swimming
  Ryan Wittstruck Soccer
2000-01 Craig Knapp Football
  Ryan Wittstruck Soccer
2001-02 Andy Loveless Tennis
2002-03 Dan McLean Cross Country/Track
2003-04 Jimmy O'Dea Cross Country/Track
2004-05 Andy Carlson Football
2005-06 Frank Prince III Cross Country/Track
2006-07 Steve Martin Football
2007-08 Ryan Gustafson Baseball
2008-09 Boone Freeman Football
2009-10 Ryan Donahue Crew
2010-11 Greg Kirkpatrick Golf
  Dakota Resnik Baseball
2011-12 Peter Russell Soccer
2012-13 Lucas Stone Baseball
2013-14 Jeff Walton Football/Baseball
2014-15 Max Mirande Football
2015-16 Chris Zerio Baseball 
2016-17 Ian Hughes Baseball
2017-18 Jack Gries Baseball
2018-19 Sam Gonzalez Soccer


Sam Gonzalez.