Paul & Helen Perdue Community Service Award

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Paul and Helen Perdue are 1933 graduates of the University of Puget Sound. As active members of the Tacoma community, they have given time and energy to numerous area projects. In addition, Paul and Helen are ardent Logger supporters and active Logger Club members. The award was named in their honor in 1995 and represents outstanding community involvement by a Puget Sound student-athlete.

Male Paul and Helen Perdue Community Service Award Recipients

1994-95 Adam Sowards Track & Field
1995-96 Ian Crossland Football
1996-97 Justin Talmadge Baseball
1997-98 Chris Sackman Tennis
1998-99 Alika Antone Baseball
1999-00 Reagan Grabner Cross Country/Track & Field
2000-01 Jon Dinkins Track & Field
2001-02 Brason Alexander Basketball
2002-03 Mike Hartshorn Tennis
2003-04 Thomas Ciesielski Swimming
2004-05 John Hines Football
2005-06 Drew Gemmer Tennis
2006-07 Andrew Neal Tennis
2007-08 Cory Dunn Football
2008-09 Cory Dunn Football
  Cole Peterson Soccer
2009-10 Cory Dunn Football
2010-11 Cory Dunn Football
  Alex Mann Crew
2011-12 Shawn Poole Football
2012-13 Mason "Kama" Chock Crew
2013-14 Max Mirande Football
2014-15 Misha Gordon Football
2015-16 Eric Rauch Basketball
  Sergio Espinoza Crew
2016-17 Brett Pilling Football
2017-18 Dwight Jackson Football
2018-19 Dwight Jackson Football

Female Paul and Helen Perdue Community Service Award Recipients

1994-95 Holly Krejci Soccer
1995-96 Andi VanSchoorl Softball
1996-97 Erin Sullivan Cross Country/Track & Field
1997-98 Kara Morgan Basketball
1998-99 Lindsi Weber Volleyball
1999-00 Cori Takesue Basketball
2000-01 Lindsay Taggert Swimming
2001-02 Megan Baxter Softball
2002-03 Ann Kellet Lacrosse
2003-04 Katie Becklin Swimming
2004-05 Sarah Bliss Volleyball
2005-06 Erin Swieter Swimming
2006-07 Jess Martin Swimming
2007-08 Heidi Covington Basketball
2008-09 Alycia Corey Swimming
2009-10 Katie Stock Cross Country
2010-11 Rachel Mendelsohn Swimming
2011-12 Megan Janes Softball
2012-13 Ann Barrington Swimming
  Kelsey McKinnis Basketball
2013-14 Marissa Jeffers Softball
2014-15 Marissa Jeffers Softball
2015-16 Alex Keysselitz Crew
2016-17 Riley Lawrence Volleyball
2017-18 Louisa Cryan Crew
  Kayla Hipp Crew
2018-19 Rebecca Simon Lacrosse



Becca Simon and Dwight Jackson.