Dr. Roberta Wilson Award for Scholarship, Skill & Determination

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A former volleyball coach, assistant track coach, and driving force behind the nationally renowned exercise science program at Puget Sound. The Dr. Roberta Wilson Award is presented each year to a female student-athlete who exhibits a committment to their athletics and academics that is consistent with the passion for which Roberta Wilson has served the Puget Sound community.


Dr. Roberta Wilson Award Recipients

1985-86 Sarah Rudolph Swimming
1986-87 Jennifer Galster Swimming
  Sharon Crowson Tennis
1987-88 Teresa Holleman Track
1988-89 Jill Rutledge Swimming
  Lisa Dick Tennis
1989-90 Lisa Dick Tennis
1990-91 Haleigh Kurtz Swimming
1991-92 Leslie Ota Volleyball/Softball
1992-93 Jennifer Kuhn Swimming
1993-94 Nancy Volkel Volleyball
1994-95 Kari Eckberg Softball
1995-96 Freda Franklin Softball
1996-97 Freda Franklin Softball
1997-98 Andrea Boitano CC/Track & Field
1998-99 Stephanie Anderson Volleyball
1999-00 Lexi Ashcraft Softball
2000-01 Eileen Gamache Volleyball
  Jill Voorhies Softball
2001-02 Karen Ecklebe Soccer
  Julie Vanni Basketball
  Jill Voorhies Softball
2002-03 Hailey Noble Crew
2003-04 Jennifer McLuen Basketball
2004-05 Maren Buck Softball
2005-06 Alena Bennett Volleyball
2006-07 Jessica Roberts Basketball/Softball
2007-08 Rachel Gross Volleyball
2008-09 Fiona Gornick Soccer
2009-10 Caitlin McGrane Track and Field
2010-11 Molly Gibson Volleyball
  Jocelyn Riordan Basketball
2011-12 Christine Isabella Soccer

Christina Chun


Christina Chun


Logan Thompson

2014-15 Katy Ainslie Basketball
2015-16  Auri Clark Swimming
2016-17 Grayson Williams-Krebs Soccer
2017-18 Lily O'Connor Rowing
2018-19 Lura Morton Soccer


Lura Morton.